ALERT: Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness Proposal

SAWS Action Alert

Comments should be sent before November 1.

This alert is a little different than the usual. We would like to first direct you to this alert ÔÇ£Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act ÔÇ£, (CIEDRA) initially sent out in April.┬á The bill in the House is referred to as H.R. 3603.┬á Now is the best time to get this bill killed.

We are including links to three form letters provided to us by the Idaho State Snowmobile Association (ISSA).┬á Thank YouÔÇÖs are extended to the ISSA for this material.┬á If you are currently a member of the ISSA, you should have received these in the mail and been provided with envelopes for mailing them.┬á The attachments are in RTF (rich text) format, which can be opened and printed from WordPad, a program that comes with Windows.┬á If you use a MAC, they will also work with TextEdit.┬á The letters are addressed to Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID), Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) and House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo (R-CA).

You can download the letters using these links:

For members outside the state of Idaho, you can locate your elected officials using the following two links:

Lookup your U.S. House Representative

Lookup your U.S. Senator

Please send this alert to anyone you know that supports shared access to OUR public lands.  Make sure to include the attachments.

Thank you all for your interest in and dedication to protecting YOUR right to ride.

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