ALERT: Snowmobilers can help kill a huge wilderness bill

SAWS Action Alert

Target Call-in Period: November 27 ÔÇô December 1

Fellow Snowmobilers,

We have a chance to make a difference regarding killing a wilderness bill in Idaho.┬á All we are asking for everyone to do is make two quick phone calls; one to Idaho Senator Larry CraigÔÇÖs office and one to another snowmobiler and ask them to do the same.

The Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act (CIEDRA), also known as the Boulder White-Clouds, will set aside approximately 319,900 acres of congressionally designated wilderness, much of which contains prime snowmobiling area.  SAWS has set up a webpage containing links to previous action alerts, maps of the area suitable for printing and distribution, and other links of interest.    Our CIEDRA webpage is located here: 

Text of HR3603 can be found here:

The best part is Congressman SimpsonÔÇÖs staff canÔÇÖt even spell ÔÇ£RecreactionÔÇØ correctly on his CIEDRA webpage.

SAWS is asking members to make two phone calls.┬á You do not have to be an Idaho resident to do this.┬á First, call Idaho Senator Larry CraigÔÇÖs office at 208-342-7985.┬á Tell the nice person on the phone ÔÇ£CIEDRA (see-dra) is a bill that cannot be fixed.┬á Please oppose it.ÔÇØ┬á Leave your name and address, and feel free to add the names of anyone else in your home that is of voting age.┬á If you would like to email this message, the address to send it to is┬á There is an underscore ÔÇ£_ÔÇØ between the first and last name.

Second, we are asking that you call one other person and ask that they do the above.  If that one person happens to be your club president, ask him/her to pass this information to the entire club membership.

Now is our chance to make a difference!  Please help stop this terrible legislation and another new wilderness that is not needed in Idaho.  SAWS believe that the current 6 wilderness areas in Idaho that contain approximately 4 million acres of designated wilderness is plenty for this state.

Thank you for helping to protect our riding areas.

Snowmobile Alliance of Western States