ALERT: Selkirk Mountain Range Winter Travel Plan (cont)

SAWS Action Alert

Selkirk Mountain Range Winter Travel Plan
Sandpoint, Idaho

I felt it was important to point out to our SAWS members that the SAWS Alert regarding the Selkirk Mountain Range Winter Travel Plan that our Idaho SAWS Rep sent out to our members a few days ago, deals with the exact same area, the 300,000 acre area to be exact, that U.S. District Judge Robert H. Whaley closed to snowmobile use last September due to concerns over the caribou habitat recovery area that is also frequented by snowmobilers. Yes, in November, much of this area was TEMPORARY reopened back up to snowmobile use, but not all areas that should have be reopened, and his recent legal finding is no where near the end of this legal battle.

The results of the travel plan referred to below will have a lot to do with what areas remain open or closed to snowmobile use. I strongly encourage all of you to write a comment letter regarding this issue.

I have included a few links from our SAWS website ( that relate to the recent past history regarding caribou and this popular riding area.

I have also added a link to a form letter that was developed by the Sandpoint Winter Riders Snowmobile Club. You can copy and paste portions of this form letter into your personal comment letter, or you can print it and write your comments and mail it by USPS.



Priest Lake Area Caribou Closure Information

Current info:
    Priest Lake Caribou Closure Update 11-06-06
    New closure map
   Snowmobilers return to caribou forests

Previous info:
    Judge bans snowmobiles to protect caribou in northern Idaho
    Old closure map