ALERT: Dutchman Sno-Park Slated to be Converted to NON-MOTORIZED


Proposed Comment Deadline: August 15, 2008

Send comments to:

Marvin E. Lang
Recreation Forester
US Forest Service
1230 NE 3rd Suite A-262
Bend, OR 97701


Senator Ron Wyden
DonÔÇÖt forget to remind Sen. Wyden you are a ÔÇ£VOTERÔÇØ

This Alert was written largely by SAWS Member, Dave Lynn of Bend, Oregon.  Thanks for your time and dedication to saving our public lands, Dave!

As this alert is being drafted, a proposal for a new Sno-Park (Kapka Butte) is in the works.  OSSA and Moon Country Snowmobile Club Presidents have been working on this proposal since 2004.  The only drawback to this project is that it includes the loss of Dutchman Sno-Park to all motorized use. This closure will put an end to all early and late season riding in the Mount Bachelor area.  It will also impact Elk Lake Resort and all of the other businesses that support Off Highway Motorized Vehicles such as gas stations, parts vendors, restaurants, and motels - just to name a few.

The environmentalists (Wild Wilderness, Sierra Club, and others) are working very hard to close down this entire forest to motorized vehicles.  One goal is the 100% closure of Tumalo Mountain.  If they get Dutchman Sno-Park then Tumalo Mountain is just a step away.  We have given them half of Tumalo Mountain, the sledding area at Wanoga Sno-Park, and divided up Dutchman Flats into smaller roads to avoid as many conflicts as possible.

As┬áwinter users of the forest┬áwe have given┬áin, every year, to some concession to try to satisfy these extremist groups.┬á They want it all their way and believe they are the only ones who should be allowed into the forest….until one of them gets hurt or lost.┬á If you look at Oregon Sno-Parks, all of the snowmobile parks are designated as mixed use parks.┬á We welcome cross country skiers, snow shoers, dogs and dog sleds, hikers, sledders, and even environmental extremists.┬á The other Sno-Parks are NON MOTORIZED, very specific use parks.┬á We share, they don’t.

Please send your emails and letters to Marv Lang with the Forest Service and to Senator Wyden’s office and let them know we will not stand for the loss of Dutchman Sno-Park.┬á Remember, form letters are not given much weight by government agencies so there needs to be some originality in your letters, especially in the first paragraph.

Please contact anyone you know who uses the forest (Public Lands) and get them involved.  If you have never gotten involved before, now is the time to start.

Once Dutchman is gone, Bend will become just another second rate riding and recreation area for the people who put the least money back into the community.

Get involved today and be part of the solution.

Kapka MAP:

2006 Scoping Letter:

Forest Service Information Site:


Susie Rainsberry
Snowmobile Alliance of Western States

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