When The Environmentalists PlanYour Money and Your Freedom Are In Grave Peril

By Ron Ewart  Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All across America, Canada┬áand elsewhere, environmentalists are planning.┬á They are┬áplanning to save every eco-system, glacier, wetland, mountain, all the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, dry washes, gullies, prairies deserts and the so-called┬áendangered species that inhabit these places and they are┬áplanning to drive you out of the rural areas and plant your sorry little butts in 25-story apartment buildings in large cities where you┬áwill be forced to┬áwalk, take your bike, or mass transit to work.┬á They donÔÇÖt care how much their planning costs.┬á And they are planning to get you out of your cars by making sure that the price of gas stays high, not paying for any new roads to handle the increased┬átraffic that comes from having babies and the effects of natural migration, not allowing drilling for new crude oil sources, not allowing power plants and refineries to be built┬áand draining your wallets with very inefficient, but very expensive mass transit, to pander to┬áthe myopic city folk that keep them in power.┬á

With their incessant planning and their Made-as-Instructed (MAI), Best-Available-Science (BAS) they have lobbied government for years and have┬áconvinced them to buy into their┬áspecific ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ agenda to drive man into the dark ages, or drive them insane like rats in a cage in large cities, in the endless pursuit of saving ÔÇ£theirÔÇØ planet.┬á

Name any eco-system, rural area,┬áwetland, glacier, prairie, ocean, sound, river, lake, stream, dry wash, gully, desert┬áor estuary and you will find a group of environmentalists, along with scientists that are environmentally brainwashed and indoctrinated in our liberal colleges,┬áplanning its management.┬á They do not think in terms of freedom, liberty, individual and property rights, free markets, free choice,┬ácapitalism, or constitutional safeguards like the Fifth Amendment, they only think┬áof the survival and management of the natural system they are planning at the time.┬á┬á As part of their planning, they are planning every aspect of your lives as well, in order┬áto integrate your life with the highest of all priorities, saving the planet from the scourges of mankind.┬á They only see in one color, ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ.┬á But think of their ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ as the color of most slimy slugs.┬á Think of their ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ as the color of stomach bile.┬á Because that will be what is crawling all over and eating away at your freedom, liberty and property rights when their plans are implemented by a sympathetic government.┬á

Now when these all-wise environmental go-gooders get together with their scientist partners in crime, there is no part of your life that is safe.┬á Your money, your land and your freedom are in extreme peril when they sit down at their ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ table and start planning.┬á And they have three very willing accomplices; academia, the print and electronic┬ánews media┬áand the biggest and most corrupt of all partners, the government.┬á These environmental planners have infiltrated every level of government, our K-12 public schools and our liberal colleges.┬á On the outside of government, they plan and then turn their plans over to the government, which then willingly rubber stamps them.┬á They sue in liberal courts to get favorable ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ decisions that then have the force of law.┬á Judges, attorneys, juries and environmental experts have all been bought, sold and initiated into the ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ club that color every judicial decree.┬á Violate the rules of the ÔÇ£greenÔÇÖ club and you will be crucified on the bench of these politically correct judges and the attorneys and juries that have absorbed all the ÔÇ£green”┬ádictates like a porous sponge.┬á

You say you donÔÇÖt believe us!┬á Then we encourage you to take a gander at┬áa couple of these radical environmental planner websites, at the following links.┬á You wonÔÇÖt believe it.

The Puget Sound Partnership
The Puget Sound Regional Council

This represents just two agencies in just one geographic area.┬á These planning groups are everywhere, funded with your dollars.┬á The above two┬ádonÔÇÖt include the thousands of other government and non-governmental environmental groups and agencies that are planning everything down to the last detail of where you live, work, play and your mode of transportation.┬á These groups and the government that aides and abets them, are your arch enemy and traitors to liberty.┬á

Environmentalists and radical environmentalism have brought America to its knees.  They have stripped us of our national pride, our strength, our ingenuity, our creativity and our generosity.  They have sucked away the life blood of our economy by getting government to put any source of energy that produces CO2, or that might harm the environment, off limits.  They have turned us into a third-world country in just a few short years, where we have no choice but to bow to our enemies, dictators and despots to obtain the energy that keeps the wheels of our economic engine turning. 

Meanwhile, almost every other country on Earth is buying up, or confiscating by force, crude oil, minerals and other raw materials.┬á We are already being held hostage for crude oil.┬á As a result we now pay more for everything, including our gasoline and food.┬á Much more.┬á┬áAs the world resources are locked up by other countries, we will pay more for our minerals and raw materials as well.┬á┬á And the direct culprit is the cult of environmentalism and the enforcer of that cult is┬ágovernment, with a gun to your head if you donÔÇÖt comply.┬á

Environmentalists and their co-conspirators┬áhave forced the rural landowners of America to bear almost the entire burden of environmental protection, while the city folk get off virtually scot-free.┬á┬á The city folk elect the legislators and lawmakers that continue the destruction of a free America with socialism and environmental extremism because they have been sold ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ as Motherhood, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.┬á

While we sit on our hands, the environmentalists and their willing partners plan.  While we try to fight one of their environmental insanities, they are planning another insanity for us to fight just around the corner.  They have divided us so that we are working against each other.  They use MAI-BAS propaganda, lies and distortions to snow us.  They use the law to enslave us.  They use international pressure from Europe and the United Nations to break us down and corrupt our laws.  They use our emotion against us.  They pit naive, brainwashed city dwellers against independent thinking rural landowners.  Since there are more city dwellers, the rural landowners take it in the shorts every time. 

Never have so many been so duped by a dirty little┬áevil that transcends anything that mother nature can throw at us.┬á Never have so many been conned by an ideology that is camouflaged in gentle sounding names and wrapped in religious phrases that┬á”touch” our hearts, but leave our minds numb and unthinking and our wallets empty.┬á

All of this would be reasonably understandable for a backward culture steeped in tribalism.┬á If this grand scheme to enslave an entire┬ácountry occurred 2,000 years ago, when the average individualÔÇÖs point of reference included a hut and just enough food on the table to maintain survival, albeit a poor one, it might be excused.┬á But for an educated civilization that exists in America today, or any advanced and educated country, it is totally mystifying and without precedent.┬á We have to ask:┬á are people really this dumb?┬á

As the ÔÇ£greenÔÇØ chains lock forever around your wrists, ankles and necks and you find yourself back in the land of serfdom, you may well ask, how did this happen?┬á If you do not know how it happened, you are the problem.┬á If you value freedom and liberty so little and security so much, you were the ones that closed the lock on the chains and threw the key away.┬á You did it to yourselves and you only have you to blame.┬á

So when you hear of environmentalists planning and scientists being invited to the sessions and conferences, you had better hide your wallet and put a moat around your land.  Both are in grave peril.  If the environmentalists get their way and they are, both will cease to exist. 

One very big question comes to mind, however.  Who or what, is driving the environmentalists?


Ron Ewart is the President, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS. An organization dedicated to re-establish, preserve, protect and defend property rights.