ALERT: 600,000 acres of proposed Wilderness in the Southern Oregon Cascades

SAWS Action Alert

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Please write or call your Oregon State Senators, Representatives and County Commissioners today!

Senator Ron Wyden
310 W. 6th St., Rm. 118
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 858-5122

Senator Jeff Merkley
10 S. Bartlett St., #201
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 608-9102

Locate your Representative: file:///writerep/welcome.shtml

Jackson County Commissioners:
Chair, Dave Gilmour
Dennis C.W. Smith
Jack Walker

Douglas County Commissioners:
Chair Susan Morgan
Doug Robertson
Joe Laurance

Klamath County Commissioners:
Chair John Elliott
Al Switzer
Cheryl Hukill

ÔÇ£Crater Lake, Mount Thielsen, Mount Bailey, and the headwaters to the Rogue and Umpqua Rivers surround the park are the crown jewels of the Southern Cascades.┬á We owe it to our children and grandchildren to protect the wildlands around these areas forever as a haven for Oregonians who seek natural beauty, freedom, and opportunities for quiet recreation.ÔÇØ

-Eric Fernandez, Wilderness Coordinator with OregonWild

At risk is 450,000 acres of multiuse land from Hwy 140 to Hwy 58.  There are another 150,000 acres along the Siskiyou Crest.  Snowmobiling riding areas that will be lost include Lake of the Woods, Fish Lake, Thousands Springs, Hamacker, Diamond Lake, Crescent Lake and Wagner Creek. Please remember that Oregon just lost 202,000 acres to Wilderness designations already this year.  Now they are coming back for seconds.

SAWS has been working with the Rogue Snowmobilers on these Wilderness threats from OregonWild and Klamath Siskiyou Wild Land Center. The Rogue Snowmobilers are leading the opposition effort, but this is a coordinated effort involving Snowmobile Alliance of Western States (SAWS), Oregon State Snowmobile Association (OSSA) and the Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC). Meeting requests have been sent to Senator Wyden and Representative Walden. OSSA assisted Rogue with a grant request from the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) to offset administrative costs and retain an expert consultant. No one is willing to let this wilderness proposal gain momentum!!

A Wilderness designation of this magnitude would affect all recreationalists in the Southern Oregon Cascades.  If these public lands were to be shut down to the average American, it would have far-reaching, negative, economic impact to a vast number of Oregonians. From business owners who depend on tourism and recreation for their livelihood, to families who spend their free time and money to visit and recreate on these lands.

Please support our Multi Use Lands and write a letter to your representative in opposition of the wilderness groups trying to take your land from you before it is too late!

Key Points –

  • Multi-Land Use – All of these lands are multi-use areas, which mean everyone has the right to enjoy them.┬á Off Highway Vehicles, Snowmobilers, Hunters, Hikers, Dog Sleds, Mountain bikes, Nordic Skiers, Snowshoers, Fishing, Mushroom Hunters, Berry Pickers, Logging, & Open Range Cattle.┬á If a Wilderness designation is allowed in these areas everyone will be affected.
  • Private Industry Economic Impact – Southern Oregon is an outdoor haven for all types of recreation enthusiasts.┬á The businesses that support all forms of recreation will feel a huge financial impact due to their sales dropping since there will be nowhere left to go recreate.┬á The businesses affected by this will be any selling off highway vehicles, snowmobiles, outdoor and cold-weather gear, hunting gear or fishing gear. Oregon businesses are failing in huge numbers as a result of the current economy; do we really want to lose more jobs in Oregon by putting more proprietors out of business?
  • Decline in Winter Tourism ÔÇô SnoWest magazine has repeatedly rated Diamond Lake as one the top 5 snowmobiling destinations in the West.┬á┬áBeginning at every Oregon border, snowmobilers from other states spend money at gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds and various other retailers while traveling to Diamond Lake.
  • Decline in State Revenues ÔÇô There will be a loss of state revenue in the form of hunting/fishing licenses, annual recreation permits, day use permits, payroll taxes, etc.┬á We are already facing tremendous deficits, can we afford additional losses?
  • Forest fires – Currently, much of our forests are under-managed with many areas already posing the threat of crown (catastrophic) fires.┬á This proposal will only add to that threat.

You can download RogueÔÇÖs complete Wilderness Opposition packet at Rogue’s website ÔÇô which includes maps:

Please write or call your Senators, Representatives and County Commissioners today!

Thanks for your time! ┬áLetÔÇÖs stop this Wilderness initiative NOW!!

Susie Rainsberry & Todd White
Snowmobile Alliance of Western States

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